Beautiful blog: 8 little worlds

A few days ago our Schwarzie Blog was nominated for a Beautiful Blog Award by Kyram of One Day. One Year. Kyram was in turn nominated for the same award by A Happy Emily. Here is the lovely comment Kyram left for us as part of revealing that we had been nominated:   ”…because almost all your posts (not just this one) inspire me to draw, create and even send snail mail, I’ve just awarded you The Beautiful Blogger award” Thank you Kyram, how very special and sweet of you to nominate Schwarzie.

As part of the nomination we are requested to select 7 of our own blogs to nominate for their beauty, and so with that, here {below} are 7 little worlds I love to visit. Often accompanied by a cup of tea and something from our kitchen {like Karen Emma’s homemade biscotti or peanut butter biscuits}. Most often I go for tea to these little worlds in-between a drawing, a brainstorming session, or treat them as a midnight snack while in the process of creating to keep my world inspired by design.

A Happy Apple: Written by my sister Liesel, A Happy Apple documents the first year of a life lived in New York. If you want to see New York through the eyes a lover of travel, life, good food, and sunshine, you will love A Happy Apple.

Emma Block: Emma is an Illustrator living in England, if you like teapots, cups, pieces of paper, fashion, drawing, and pencils – you will love Emma’s work. I recently met Emma in person in London where I was so happy to have her sign a copy of her book Tea and Cake. A lovely inspiring hard working creative who inspires, and whose work is a breath of fresh air.

Koukio/Blog: A software creative designers in Spain. They love the creating work, the machine learning and science.

Tea & Crayons: A collective of Illustrators in the UK {made up of 6 lovely talented ladies} following their love for living a life inspired by, well, tea and crayons {in a nutshell}. I was privileged to meet one of the girls, Rachel Lewis in London not too long ago. They are a lovely lot of talented ladies indeed.

Sem Tolentio: Sem portrays her passion for design, photography and typography {among other areas} on her blog, I met Sem via twitter and we are also pen-pals. Sem loves good design, who has an eye and talent for it too.

Madi Illustration Madi was one of the illustrators that joined in on my May Draw A Day challenge. Madi’s work showcases her love for paper, pencils, little creatures and a love for children’s books. Madi is encouraging and inspiring, extremely talented and she too likes typewriters.

The Blackbird Sings: Natasha Newton is an Illustrator and Designer living in the breathtakingly beautiful Suffolk {UK}. Natasha’s artwork shows off a truly delicate eye and attention to detail, and if you love birds, nature and paintings on little stones: you will love work by Natasha.

Beradadisini: Hanny is a talented writer who found me months ago via twitter, we are now penpals, and have exchanged letters from London, Cape Town, Indonesia and Santorini {so far}. Hanny inspires me, through the photographs she takes, but more so through the way she writes: there is no pretense, everything feels so pure and simple. I love the viewfinder Hanny looks at life through.

If I nominated you, and you choose to participate (you don’t have to, its just a great way to immerse yourself in the community) all you have to do is:

  1. Thank the person who nominated you and link back to their blog.
  2. Write a post about the award and include the picture.
  3. Nominate 7 other blogs, link back and write a short sweet something about each blog.
  4. Comment on each blog to tell them they’ve been nominated.
  5. Have a yay time!