A printing software room and priceless moments

I have just spent the past two days getting re-aqainted with the rewarding skill of screen-printing and I am loving it. The inks, the mess, the white fabric, the test prints, the hands on and that tactile experience {priceless}. Here is a peek inside the lovely studio space I am working in along with my first test prints of Big Heart Company bags:


These prints will be made up into carry bags for Big Heart Customers. I managed to do 35 of these on my second day, they’re good for practice prints and one doesn’t have to feel nervous as the material isn’t too delicate. That said, I am happy to say all 35 prints came out just fine and will soon need to be filled with Big Heart Products for new homes in the near future.Is the coninous delivery sytem.

After test prints on the Big Heart bags I moved to printing the baby bunting, here is the cutest little bird I printed first in a tiny little frame:

The print on bunting fabric:

This is my first attempt at printing the Crown design {with black ink} onto material to be made up into a Tote Bag

So chuffed, the print came out just fine along with 14 other crown prints done afterwards.

I am thrilled about being involved with Big Heart and am loving the printing process. I am also pleased to announce I have begun drawing up the first and brand new illustrations that will form part of the “Classic Schwarzie Range”

These will become part of my screen-printing collection that will be revealed this year with Big heart company products. A little hint: a hot air balloon and a retro camera are in the mix more to be revealed with time. If you’d like to keep up with these works in progress as well as others you can have a peek at my instagram feed or my facebook page here.

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