Night sky, a lantern is lit

On Tuesday this week Karen Emma and I were invited by the lovely Kristen of Design Kist {and very dear friend, good creative company and incredibly talented} to go along to a little launch at I Love My Laundry. The evening even included the lighting of 3 lovely lanterns {upon which we all wrote a little wish/message on} that were lit, swelled up with hot air and drifted off into the Cape Town night sky. We watched them float away until they looked a little like fireflies and then disappeared into the night.



I Love my Laundry {find them here on facebook} is a corner shop that not only brings to mind the “I “heart New York” branding, but it too happens to have a little New York influence that goes with the concept of the shop {told to us in person by Clayton on the evening – and the Schwarzie Sisters Love New York after visiting last December}.


The quirky and fun space offer {naturally} laundry services that include dry cleaning, dyeing, alterations and ironing…


…so what sets them apart from any other laundry? It is the visually exciting space they have created.

Here, emerging creatives have an opportunity to showcase and sell their work, and keeping it fresh and clean {besides fabric softeners}? The work displayed is always changing, adding a swirling flow of different genres, mediums and fresh bursts of creativity to the Laundry’s viewers.

So, if you’re in Cape Town and looking for a break away from the norm, a little inspiration, some creativity, a glass of good wine, some dim sum, or a cup of coffee – walk your way to I love my Laundry, where you’ll sit at a unique laundry clothes folding table.  The staff will welcome you with a genuine smile, but don’t take my word for it, follow them on twitter if you need to test taste this sweet tasting, vibrant and exciting little shop on the corner.

p.s. On Tuesday, before knowing or seeing the logo for I love my Laundry I decided to wear this {fancy that}.I quite matched the signage –  and what a good conversation starter it proved to be. {One of my favorites, picked it up at JFK in December}.

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